Our Story

Den Hoed Wine Estates set out to accomplish two goals. One of which was to honor our parents who worked tirelessly to migrate to the states from Holland in order to provide the best possible life for their children. Our wines are formal, elegant and full of life much like our mother and father. And as we expand our portfolio we will continue to deliver uncompromising wines and bring them to you when they are worthy and ready for your consumption.

The second goal was to showcase the terroir from the Wallula Vineyard. We pride ourselves in being able to share wines with you from this amazing site that lies along the shores of the mighty Columbia River. The cataclysmic floods that took place at the end of the last ice age known as the Missoula Floods carved the channel from the Columbia River in the area called Wallula Gap. The vineyard is planted in the terroir that was left behind providing nutrient-rich soil that produces some of WA States most highly acclaimed wines.

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