Our Story

DenHoed Wine Estates was created with the purpose of sharing with you the joy of tasting wine made exclusively from Wallula Vineyard. Wallula Vineyard is set along the shores of the mighty Columbia River. McNary Dam backs up the Columbia forming what is called Lake Wallula. At one of its widest points adjacent to the vineyard, Lake Wallula is nearly a mile wide. The Missoula Floods carved out the channel for the Columbia River in this area called Wallula Gap. This repeated flooding carved out the terroir our vineyard is planted in.


A note from the President

Dear Friends,

I established DenHoed Wine Estates in honor of my father and mother. Between the two of them I have learned what "quality" in life is. These wines are formal, yet elegant and full of life just like mom and dad. They led a full life with no frills. Both Andreas and Marie's View reflect this as they pass on the pure taste of Wallula Vineyard while simultaneously showcasing its unique terroir. I hope you enjoy the unique taste and bouquet these unadulterated soils give us.

No introductory letter would be complete without grateful recognition of the individuals who have supported me in this endeavor. To Allen, for his vision and generosity in making these wines unique and special; to Rob and Gilles for the unmistakable character they have imprinted on our wines; and to my brother Bill, for tending our fruit with such love and passion, I humbly thank you.


Andrew J. Den Hoed